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There are a range of resources and community support available to guide you through this time.

Whether you live with MS and you are looking to connect with people who understand what life is like for you, or whether you are a family member or friend of a loved one living with MS and you want to provide support, there is something for you. logo logo is the social network for people with multiple sclerosis. Founded by MSers (people living with MS), for MSers, the charity supports many thousands of recently diagnosed people across the world as they make sense of MS. It’s independent and it’s free. is an online space where thousands of MSers connect, form meaningful relationships and make sense of the confusion and disruption that is caused by MS. It is a network built on real life experiences and uses peer support as an accessible way to deal with MS. The forum allows MSers the freedom to ask open and honest questions from the 30,000 strong community, while their Buddy Network connects newly diagnosed MSers with a Buddy – an ‘experienced’ MSer – on a one to one basis. also produce award-winning films – by, for and about people with MS – which tell compelling stories and connect MSers with world-leading experts.

MS Trust logo

MS Trust

The MS Trust is here for everyone affected by MS, from the moment of diagnosis and throughout your journey. The MS Trust is here for you today, tomorrow and every day after, making sure a life with MS isn’t a life defined by MS. It fights to make sure everyone affected by MS can access good quality, specialist care and live the best life they possibly can. The MS Trust supports and trains your MS health professionals across the UK. It produces practical, evidence-based information, online and in print, and its dedicated Enquiry Service team are a friendly and knowledgeable voice to speak to for anyone who needs to know more about MS.

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MS Society

The MS Society is the UK’s biggest multiple sclerosis (MS) charity, and the UK’s leading not-for-profit funder of MS research. Over 130,000 people live with MS in the UK. The MS Society is here to make life better for people with MS, through research, campaigning, and support. They are supporting over 70 projects nationally and internationally. This research has got the MS Society to a critical point, and believes it can see a future where nobody needs to worry about MS getting worse.

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