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Interview with campaign photographer

How has your MS diagnosis impacted the photography work you produce?

My art and photography work has always been centred around my emotions and feelings. When something pulls me emotionally, I tend to draw upon it and use it creatively. So when I received my MS diagnosis, my work was inevitably impacted. Recently, my work has been more centred on health and the journey one goes through in relation to living with a chronic condition.

How did you choose the creative style for each portrait?   

Identity has always been a huge part of my work, even before my diagnosis. So when I first started discussing the campaign my main goal was to really highlight the personalities and identities of the participants as well as their achievements in the photographs.

For example, Shana’s achievement is her gardening. But she is also very creative, funny and politically engaged. Shana uses her mobility scooter and decorates it to match outfits and costumes. It was really important to me to use these elements of herself and we did this through decorating her scooter with fresh flowers, like the ones in her garden.

What have you learnt through your involvement in More to uS?

Throughout this project I’ve seen such positivity in the people I’ve photographed. During the pre-production stages of the campaign, I was able to speak to the participants and get a sense and flavour for their personalities and their unique way of handling a life with MS. It’s been clear to me that everyone involved in the project is able to turn their situation on its head and see things with a slightly different lens – if you pardon the pun.

What is the message that you hope would people take from More to uS?

What’s been so remarkable about More to uS is the positivity of everyone involved. I’ve learnt that no matter who you are, and what you are going through, everyone is on a journey of self-discovery and you’re always learning more about yourself and how strong you are.

UK | July 2020 | MUL20-C021b