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More to uS uncovers the extraordinary and everyday achievements of people living with MS, celebrating how they overcome the challenges the condition brings in order to accomplish their personal goals.

More to uS is a campaign initiated and funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited.
Portrait series creative production and photography by Hannah Laycock. Campaign developed with executive production by Rob Sloan ( and Trishna Bharadia.

The impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic caused us to reshape the way that we live. This is especially true for people living with MS, who have had to navigate these changes alongside managing their condition.

Read more below about how Shana and Mark overcame these challenges.

Portrait of Shana

Shana’s Story

Living through a pandemic was nobody's choice - and Shana's story reminds us to be kind to ourselves about the things that we cannot control.

Portrait of Mark

Mark’s Story

Asking for support is never easy - but Mark's experience during the pandemic shows that taking that step is an important one.


Listen to the heroes of More to uS explain how they’ve shifted their perspective on life as their MS has changed.

Shana's Story

Shana: The constant gardener

“The brighter, the better.”

Ramiro's Story

Ramiro: The fun-loving engineer

“I do everything people say you shouldn’t do.”

Lesley's Story

Lesley: The golfer

“I love being out there.”

Becky's Story

Becky: The entrepreneur

“I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.

Gavin's Story

Gavin: The devoted dad

“This doesn’t stop me being a dad.”

Mark's Story

Mark: The rugby player

“I can still play the game.”

Stuart and Lucy
Stuart and Lucy's Story

Stuart and Lucy: The family unit

“If you’re not happy with yourself, you’re not happy.” 

Hannah's Story

Hannah: The fine art photographer

“I see life through many lenses.” 

Interview with our campaign photographer

Fine art photographer Hannah Laycock was diagnosed with MS in 2013. She’s behind the More to uS portrait series creative production and photography.


Interview with photographer Hannah Laycock

Videos: Learn more about managing MS

How to spot physical and cognitive symptoms

Understanding and monitoring your symptoms can support you in identifying signs of progression to live life on your own terms.

Wellbeing and MS: Exercising your brain and body

Exercise can benefit people living with MS in managing their symptoms. There is no one-size-fits-all exercise, so it's important to find what works best for you.

MS Quiz
YourMS Questionnaire

Use this short questionnaire to help improve the conversations you have with your healthcare team.

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